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Welcome to Modern Logic - the no-code rules engine & data layer for customer risk decisions.

We help non-engineers create and manage data-driven decisioning workflows to tackle fraud, compliance, credit risk, and more.

<aside> 💡 If at any time you need support, reach out to [email protected] or get in touch with the team via Slack


Basic Terminology:

Initial Setup

There are a few key steps to get started. Below you'll find the key engineering tasks, to integrate modern logic with your existing tools, and prepare to create your first decisioning workflow.

  1. Set up connection to the Modern Logic API - docs are available here

  2. Connect to internal data sources - e.g. CRM, customer database, internal models

  3. Connect to external data sources - e.g. identity, fraud, or credit data vendors

    <aside> 💡 You can access data through our reseller partnerships, or connect directly to APIs of vendors you work with directly. Our support team is happy to help you set up new connections to make #2 and #3 here as easy as possible


  4. Connect outcomes & status changes to your product & internal tools with webhooks (optional)

After step 4, the engineering work is done. From here on out, Modern Logic is designed to be easy for non-engineers to create decision Workflows, edit existing ones, review alerts, and more.

Check out the guides below to get started